B Series General Features

  • “Slip-ring” mechanism to provide infinetely slew turn. No need to care about positioning the starting point of operation
  • Detachable structure with “easy-split” boom through a single pin connection allows most versatile use of the equipment especially when the crane capacity to hold is limited
  • Ballast boxes are provided as standard; no need of preparation of the ballasts, the equipment is just ready for “plug-in and run”
  • Heavy-duty slew gear is standard to provide stronger and long lasting service life compared to the worm-gear trains
B Series Catalog

B 21

Main Specification
3-Elements Boom with Raised Tail Frame
21 m Horizontal Reach

B 308 - 312 - 15 - 17 - 18

Main Specification
3-Elements Boom
8 to 18 m Horizontal Reach

B 212

Main Specification
2-Elements Boom
12 m Horizontal Reach


4-Wheel Carriage Options

  • With or Without Traction
  • Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Remote Control for Self-Travel & Steering

Elevation Tower Options
Standard or Custom Designed Solutions


Standard Outriggers (Freestanding)


Short-Outriggers with Ballast Weights (Freestanding)


Tower Base Anchored to Deck (Anchored)


Hydraulic Diversion Valves
(with hand pump and/or external hydraulic line connection)

Power Packs for Diversion Valves
(electric or diesel driven)

Pipeline Scissors
(slip-form pipeline connection)

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