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Integrated Three Stick Boom, 4X4 Propulsion System, Closest and Perfect Positioning To the Application Area.
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Advantageous Features in The B series

1. Heavy-Duty Slew Gear

All Atabey B series concrete Placers has heavy duty slew gears integral with reducer gear box. The system is much more reliable as compared to generally used worm gear reducers.

2. Real Infinite Slew Turning

Infinite rotation system (slip ring mechanism). The feature is unique in the world for spider booms.

3. Emergency Hand Pump

Emergency hand pumps are standard on all Atabey B Series equipment never stop concrete pouring; even in case of electric cut you can finish the concrete placing by manual hand pump.

4. Mobile Column System (Optional)

Unique in the market. This option provides easier application for those projects where there are many of the walls and columns that causes limitation of positioning on slabs.

5. Availability Of Carriage Carts For Mobilisation

Another unique solution from Atabey. When the tower crane access on slabs are limited, this cart system is ideal for mobilization.

6. Modular Construction With Detachable Boom Unit

Single pin split frame system: Standard Feature >> easy to handle and transport; user friendly solution for tower crane capacity limitations.

7. Ballast Boxes

Readymade ballast for ms supplied with the equipment >> easy start up, just fill in with concrete and start; no need to construct formwork etc. to build the ballasts.