M Series General Features

  • “Slip-ring” Mechanism to Provide Infinite Slew Turn. No Need to Mind About Positioning The Starting Point of Operation
  • Robust Structure, All Made of High-Strength Steel Material
  • Modular Construction For Easier Assembly And Disassembly in Job-Sites
  • Safe And Comfortable Use With The Radio Remote Control Integrated With Advanced Proportional Hydraulic Control System

3-Element, R-Fold Hydraulic Models: M21 – M24 – M26

4-Element, Z-Fold Hydraulic Models: M29 – M32

M Series Catalog

M 29 - 32

Main Specification
4-Elements Booms with Z-Fold Design
29 m, 32 m Horizontal Reach
4 m End Hose

M 21 - 24 - 26

Main Specification
3-Elements Booms with R-Fold Design
21 m, 24 m, 26 m Horizontal Reach
3 m End Hose

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